Audio Description

The nonvisual, audio experience of Wired can be accessed through Kinetic Light’s Audimance app. Rooted in feedback from blind and low-vision audiences and colleagues, our approach to audio description invites listeners to choose their own experience of the work. Rather than experiencing a single line of description, listeners can select from, combine, and move between 7 different descriptive tracks which feature a range of styles and techniques. This experience is explicitly created for and in consultation with blind and low-vision audiences whose primary experience of dance is through sound. It is not intended to augment the experience of nondisabled guests. For sighted users of audio description, we offer a nonspatialized mode for greater track isolation.

You will be able to choose from the following tracks: 

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha has created an original full length poetry cycle that takes the core ideas of each section and weaves them into poems. This track contains vivid description of sexual acts and body parts, as well as references to medical trauma and racialized and sexual violence. Listen to a sample of Leah's poetic cycle

Cheryl Green has created two tracks of tightly-written poetic prose. In the first, Cheryl captures the movement and emotional heart of Wired. In the second, she shares the details and emotion of the lighting and projections. Sample Cheryl's movement description and her description of the lighting and projections

Using the Rationale Method, Mo Pickering-Symes narrates the movement and plot of Wired. Listen to a sample of Mo's work.

Dylan Keefe has created a soundtrack that expresses the ideas of Wired sonically. Hear Dylan's soundscape sample

Shannon Finnegan and Andy Slater have created a track in experimental, experiential description. In an intimate track, Shannon narrates the experience of Wired and their reactions to the performance as if they were seated next to you, whispering in your ear. Andy Slater processes Shannon’s voice adding texture to their vocal tones that reinforce the meaning of their words. Listen to a sample of Shannon and Andy's work

Additionally, you may encounter in the spatial sonic environment content which orients the work to time, place, and embodiment, such as scene titles, sounds of dancer bodies and movement, and time shaping.

As a reminder, if you want to listen to Wired via Audimance, please bring your own mobile device and a set of wired headphones. We require wired headphones due to the tight synchronization of the description with the audience experience.  Once you arrive at the theater, an Audimance usher will guide you through using Audimance. You can find this usher at the Audimance table in the lobby. Please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the show to make sure that our ushers have enough time to work with you.