LAB is an online community that offers a series of monthly gatherings for disabled artists and creatives. Our community is made up of and welcomes anyone who experiences disability, including but not limited to those who identify as chronically ill, neurodivergent, with learning or intellectual disabilities, MAD, Deaf/deaf/HOH, Blind, low vision and more. We welcome all who are unsure or who might not yet identify with disability to this cross-disability space.

Kinetic Light began these online gatherings with a small group of New York City-based disabled artists in 2020 as a way to regularly offer casual, access-centered, and creative spaces for disabled artists to connect, share work, share ideas, and meet. Now we are ready to welcome any disabled creatives who are interested in connecting in this way, from anywhere! You do not need to be based in NYC to join LAB.

LAB Gatherings

How to get involved 

We welcome you to join our LAB community mailing list, through which you will be invited to monthly events. For more information and/or to join please email LAB Producer morgaine de leonardis or fill out this google form.



Access will be shared and held at the center of our social ecology.  Please contact LAB producer morgaine de leonardis with any questions or specific access needs and/or desires. 

We hope you join us in disability community!