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The ALLways method, grounded in Kinetic Light's holistic research and practice, uses fundamental principles of equity and hospitality to help participants learn how to create equitable access for performances, events, process, and organization. Each session is fully online and is participatory; discussion and exercises are conducted in small groups. CART captioning, ASL, and visual description are included for each session.

Workshop fees are on a sliding scale according to organizational operating budget, with subsidized fees for small organizations & independent arts workers and artists. In addition to Early Bird rates and multi-session discounts, Kinetic Light offers package pricing for teams of three or more from the same organization. Custom workshops for organizations and companies are also available. Contact for group rate or custom programming details.

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These access in the arts workshops are three hour participatory, online workshops designed for arts organizations, producers, artists, arts workers, and event organizers. New! Build your own series or bring your team.

April 16: Access as Creative Practice, 1-4pm ET/ 10-1pm PT
This session is all about the creative and generative possibilities of disability in artistic practice. This session is ideal for artists in professional practice who are actively committed to accessibility in their creation and rehearsal process or in performance, and for arts organizations and presenters who are commissioning or supporting the creation and production of new work.

Specific focus topics in this session will include flexible and multiplex access, auditory access for visual and performing arts, visual access for sonic art, and collaborative creative processes.

June 20: Accessible Event Design, Budgeting & Content, 1-4pm ET/ 10-1pm PT
June's session focuses on designing and executing accessible events and performances. This workshop is ideal for presenting organizations, front of house leaders, community organizers, development specialists, community organizers, and self-Producing Artists with new to modest levels of experience with accessibility.

This session will focus on access fundamentals for in-person, online, and hybrid events; how to design and budget your event and content access; personnel support needs and strategies; and accessible marketing and attendee journeys.

August 22: Intro to Accessibility Thinking & Practice, 1-4pm ET/ 10-1pm PT
August's session is for arts workers in any role with no or new experience levels with disability or accessibility. This session introduces access fundamentals as well as frameworks to develop your own approach and methods, and is ideal for founders, venues, and presenters who want to begin to implement accessible practices in their personal and organizational work.

This session offers technical and cultural fundamentals for centering equity in your work; accessible communications, outreach, and community-building techniques; how principles of hospitality and equity can inform access; and provocations for meaningful culture change.

October 17: Accessible Programming & Grantmaking, 1-4:30pm ET/ 10-1:30pm PT*
October's session is designed specifically for arts workers involved in designing and implementing programming and funding, including governmental, NGO, nonprofit, and foundation workers. It is ideal for arts workers with intermediate experience with accessibility, who are interested in restructuring traditional models of programming.

Join us to discuss intersectional equity with attention to program goals, accessible and simple application design, equitable review and selection processes, funding practices, and user research and information collection.
*NOTE: This session is 3.5hrs long, rather than the standard 3hr ALLways session.

November 19: Centering Disability in Strategy, Systems & Structures, 1-4pm ET/ 10-1pm PT
November's session is ideal for arts professionals who have a strategic, organization-wide, or field-wide focus with intermediate to advanced levels of experience with disability or accessibility. Institutional interest in supporting disabled artists and access work has boomed - but this well-intentioned support will be ineffective at supporting equity, justice, and field-wide change if we don't examine our underlying assumptions and structures.

Join us to learn how centering artistry and equitable access can transform organizational cultures. Specific topics will include accessible organizational culture and de-biasing tools, inter-organizational collaboration and field trends, and strategies for supporting creation of accessible work.

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Workshops and Trainings

ALLways is the distillation of our understanding and creation of access that we share with the broader arts community. This curriculum is grounded in transformative personal and organizational work: not a checklist, but a shared exploration of principles to create equity and hospitality across your art, events, programs, and organizations.

Kinetic Light is constantly engaged in active research and development of new tools and techniques for creating access, community, and equity. After we've proven those tools and practices in our own work and events, we share them out to the field. This is part of the work that we share at every venue where we perform and teach.

The ALLways curriculum consists of multiple practice levels and focus areas, and students are invited into a community of support and practice. We invite organizations who are interested in engaging deeply with this work to contact us. This work ranges from introductory workshops for people new to access and equity to custom and advanced curricula.

Reach out to Access ALLways lead Laurel Lawson with questions about customized trainings, or email Access Manager Rachel Hickman with questions about registration or to get on the notification list for upcoming public sessions.

ALLways Funders

ALLways is supported in part by Kinetic Light's lead funders.

If you wish to support this program and Kinetic Light's work, including ongoing curriculum development and scholarships for individual artists, please reach out.