Access ALLways

Workshops and Trainings

ALLways is the distillation of our understanding and creation of access that we share with the broader arts community. This curriculum is grounded in transformative personal and organizational work: not a checklist, but a shared exploration of principles to create equity and hospitality across your art, events, programs, and organizations.

Kinetic Light is constantly engaged in active research and development of new tools and techniques for creating access, community, and equity. After we've proven those tools and practices in our own work and events, we share them out to the field. This is part of the work that we share at every venue where we perform and teach.

The ALLways curriculum consists of multiple practice levels and focus areas, and students are invited into a community of support and practice. We invite organizations who are interested in engaging deeply with this work to contact us. This work ranges from introductory workshops for people new to access and equity to custom and advanced curricula.

Reach out to Access ALLways lead Laurel Lawson with questions about customized trainings, or email Access Manager Rachel Hickman with questions about registration or to get on the notification list for upcoming public sessions.

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