Laurel Lawson and Alice Sheppard fly, arms outstretched and wheels spinning, through a cloudless blue sky. Photo: Safety Third Productions/Shimmy Boyle
Revel In Your Body
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Revel In Your Body is a dance short film directed by Katherine Helen Fisher and starring Alice Sheppard and Laurel Lawson of Kinetic Light.

Kinetic Light’s stunning choreography leaps in glorious slow motion into the site-specific playgrounds of concrete ramps, metal railings, stairs, and breathtaking open blue sky, revealing the joy of flight on wheels.

Total run time: 6 minutes

"Sheppard and Lawson's collaborative work have always represented, for me, innovation, expansiveness, and possibility, powerful expressions of sensuality and joy. In just a little over five minutes, this film captures all of that and in abundance." July 2019: Eva Yaa Asantewaa


September 20, 2019: BOULDER
Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema
Sept 21, 2019: WASHINGTON D.C.
National Dance Day at The Kennedy Center
Oct 18-19, 2019: PHILADELPHIA
Women in Dance Leadership Conference
Nov 13-17, 2019: WILMINGTON
Cucalorus Film Festival

Audio Description

Audio description offers blind, low vision and nonvisual audiences a sonic experience of the film. Kinetic Light is innovating a number of different styles of description. This excerpt offers a taste of some of our prose description:


Artistic Director, Choreographer, Dancer: Alice Sheppard

Choreography Collaborator and Dancer: Laurel Lawson

Director: Katherine Helen Fisher

Director of Photography: Shimmy Boyle

Executive Producer: Alice Sheppard

Producer: Lisa Niedermeyer

1st Assistant Camera: David Naugel

Location Coordinator: Rachel Haage

Production Assistants: Jessi Scopp McGrath, Cydnei Prather, Dawn States

Music Composition: “Vesper Sparrow,” composed by Missy Mazzoli. Published by G Schirmer, Inc (ASCAP)

Music Recording: “Vesper Sparrow,” composed by Missy Mazzoli. Recorded by Roomful of Teeth. From Render (New Amsterdam Records, 2015)

Costume Design: Laurel Lawson

Wheelchair Design: Laurel Lawson and Paul Schulte

Audio Description: Cheryl Green and Lisa Niedermeyer

Fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas

Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia

Special thanks: Madison Cario and the staff of Arts@Tech, Georgia Institute of Technology